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Women's Shelter Locations

By Sophia Kang

Women's Shelter Locations

Laura's House

- Provides domestic violence-related services for thousands of residents in Orange County

- According to their website, they are the “only state-approved comprehensive domestic violence agency in South Orange County”

- Has been in service for 25 years

- Message from website: “Our target population is families experiencing the effects of domestic violence in need of emergency shelter, support, education and counseling. Laura's House operates on the philosophy that domestic violence is multi-dimensional and often cyclical in nature and must be addressed through a range of interventions. Our goal is to provide supportive service programs that will prepare our clients and their children to live independent and violence free lives, with an emphasis on education and prevention for future generations.”

Asian Women's Shelter (not local but still a good organization)

- Located in San Francisco County

- Aids victims of domestic violence and human trafficking

- Welcoming of all genders/races/ages/nationalities/income/languages/etc.

- Message from website: “Because AWS recognizes the abuse of power as the root cause of violence, all of our work is rooted in an intersectional and anti-oppression framework. AWS operates on a shared leadership model that prioritizes teamwork, consensus-building, and self-reflection. We continuously seek to collaborate with other organizations in order to build a network of services and a social movement beyond AWS. These efforts not only help us support survivors and their families and communities, but create a stronger chorus of voices for advocacy and policy work to create safety, well-being and op

portunity for all.”

Casa Youth Shelter

- Message from website: “Casa Youth Shelter serves and nurtures youth in crisis with shelter, counseling, and support services, empowering them to come through their crisis with increased confidence, stability, and tools for continued growth.”

- Provides youth with a safe space

- 24-Hour Helpline: (800) 914-CASA (2272)

Grandma's House of Hope

- Message from website: When our good works are done, we envision a thriving, supportive community full of caring and productive individuals where everyone has a safe place to call home.

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